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Gerda Nothnagel
Director - SAIPA member

Tax Compliance

Confiance Accountants and Tax Consultants (Pty) Ltd (Confiance) administers taxes on behalf of our clients (taxpayers) to the South African Revenue Service including:

  • Income tax
  • Provisional Tax
  • Dividend Withholding tax (DWT)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Employees tax, Unemployment Funds and Skills Development levies (PAYE, UIF and SDL)
  • Security Transfer Taxes.

Each of these taxes has to be submitted and paid within a specific time period. It is each taxpayer’s responsibility to submit the applicable tax forms on time to SARS. Confiance assists all their clients in submitting and paying the tax returns on time as well as to structure their tax affairs in the most efficient manner allowable.

Since SARS implemented the NITS system, it has become more important to complete the tax return correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary objections and to ensure that you receive your assessment and possible refund (if applicable) as quickly as possible.

We have the skills, experience and knowledge to complete and submit your tax return correctly the first time, which will avoid delays and ensure correct assessments. We deal with SARS on a daily basis, and keep in touch with the changes in income tax regulations.

Tax Compliance services include:

  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Calculation of tax liability
  • Calculation and submission of Provisional tax
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Tax Directives
  • Statutory registrations
  • Checking of assessments, notify taxpayers of the assessment result and follow up on any refunds or payments which are due.
  • Submitting supporting documents
  • Arranging deferred payments.

Revenue Queries

In an attempt to object to assessments by SARS, Confiance provides a service where they will prepare and/or assist our clients with:

  • The preparation of responses and related correspondence in connection with any South African Revenue Services (SARS) queries
  • Requesting reasons for an assessment
  • Draft grounds for Objection and submit a Notice of Objection to SARS (ADR1)
  • Draft grounds for an Appeal and submit a Notice of Appeal to SARS (ADR2)
  • Review objection / appeal outcome notices
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures and hearings
  • Voluntary Disclosure Programs (VDP)
  • Offers of Compromise
  • Deferred payment arrangements.


Compliance with the Companies Act is an essential and integral part of your business activities, Our secretarial services include:

  • Changes in directors, shareholders, name changes, year-end changes and other statutory changes
  • Conversions of Close Corporations to Private Companies
  • Deregistration of Private Companies and Close Corporations
  • Amendments to the Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Share transfers and share allotments
  • Completion and submission of Annual Returns to CIPC
  • Preparation of minutes for special and other resolutions
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Safekeeping of company registers and minute books.

Shahiem Adams 
Director - SAIPA member

Voluntary Disclosure Program

A process by which taxpayers can correct their tax affairs with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) should they in the past have:

  • Erroneously or intentionally not declared income (whether this be for Income tax, Employees tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) on which they should have been taxed
  • Erroneously or intentionally claimed expenses which they should not have claimed (whether this be for Income tax or VAT)
  • Erroneously or intentionally claimed allowances or tax concessions on tax returns which they should not have claimed (whether this be for Income tax, Employees tax or VAT)
  • The purpose of Voluntary Disclosure is to regularise your tax affairs BEFORE SARS finds out about errors or incorrect submissions made by taxpayers in the past.
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