Holistic Review

Elizabeth Johanna Bokelman (Elize)
Director - CFP &
Master Tax Practitioner

The Holistic review service offered by Confiance Multi Family Office (Pty) Ltd provides an all-encompassing overview of a client’s financial situation at a given time, and can be expanded to their related entities as well.

A thorough analysis is done by making use of the financial planning process, taking into account all the assets and liabilities of the client and looking into their current financial position as well as future financial forecasts. Furthermore, the financial needs of the client are addressed.

The holistic analysis provides us with insight into the following:

  • A Needs analysis for death, retirement and disability
  • Estate duty payable on death for the client and other family members
  • Liquidity at time of demise
  • Capital Gains Tax payable on death
  • Investment performance of Policies that the client may have
  • Retirement benefits & taxes due upon retirement
  • Disability & Sickness insurance Cover.

The holistic review allows us to help clients structure all their entities in order to reduce taxes and shortfalls and to provide for death, retirement & disability insurance. Furthermore, it is a holistic plan to meet the client’s future financial goals whether it be for buying a house, providing for your child’s education or leaving behind a legacy for your dependents.

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